UNESCO attempts to erase Jewish connection to "Temple Mount"

"Antisemitism and Islamic Supremacism in the service of Palestinian goal to delegitimize Israel".

"Israel delegitimizes itself

By Khalid Amayreh
Sep 20, 2006, 09:29

Like gangsters, armed robbers and common criminals, Israeli occupation troops last night stormed, vandalized and partially destroyed several banks and financial institutions in several Palestinian towns, stealing millions of dollars, victims and Palestinian security sources said.

The sources said Israeli soldiers, using explosives, blasted the outer doors of many money-changer offices before smashing computers and furniture and stealing large amounts of cash.

In Nablus , soldiers stormed the Ahli Bank, causing widespread havoc. Moreover, six money-changer premises were raided shortly after midnight after their metal doors were blasted using explosives.

The Ha’aretz newspaper www.haaretz.co reported Wednesday that the Israeli occupation troops, Shin Bet agents and other organs of the occupation regimes took part in the raids.

One money-changer who identified himself as Nidal Masri said the Israeli army stole from him more than a hundred thousand US dollars.

“This is not the behavior of a state, this is the behavior of gangsters and common criminals. Even the mafia doesn’t behave this way.”

Another money changer, Muhammed Assar, from Jenin, in the northern West Bank , said troops stole more than $254,000 from his shop.

“They took me from home and forced me to open the door and took everything I have: Money, checks, dollars, shekels. They didn’t leave me anything except for the rubble.”

Similar raids reportedly took place in Jenin, Tulkarm, and Ramallah where financial institutions were broken into and large amounts of cash were stolen by soldiers.

Israeli army spokespersons refused to answer questions on why the raids were ordered. However, the Israeli media quoted an army officer as saying that the targeted institutions may have been involved in bringing money from outside Palestine in violation of a hermetic Israeli financial blockade on the Palestinian Authority.

Israel which is withholding hundreds of millions of dollars of Palestinian customs money is refusing to allow Palestinian banks to bring Arab and Islamic aid money into the occupied territories.

The money is badly needed to pay overdue salaries for over 170,000 civil servants who have not received their dues since March.

Israel is also barring Palestinians from accessing food and work, pushing numerous families, especially in the Gaza Strip, to the brink of starvation.

A few years ago, the Israeli army raided the main branch of the Arab Bank in Ramallah and stole more than $14 million dollars.

Palestinians are generally denied serious legal protection in Israel since the Jewish state uses defunct draconian emergency laws dating back to the British mandate era. According to these law, a military officer can order the confiscation of property, including homes and land, without any court warrant.

Israel, in concert with the US, has been imposing extremely draconian sanctions on Palestinians, causing the harshest economic crisis since 1967.

Israel is also effectively barring most Palestinians from accessing food and work, thus causing high levels of poverty.

Israel says the sanctions are aimed at punishing Palestinians for electing the Islamic resistance group, Hamas, in the legislative elections in January.


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"The old will die and the young will forget"

"The old will die and the young will forget"
David Ben-Gurion, the founder of Israel, in 1949

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