Who hijacked the Jewish faith and how?

by Sheikh Imran Hussein
There is something the historians have decided to bury.   A tribe called Khazar chose to convert into Judaism.  Thus, the world witnessed for the first time a set of non-Sematic people becoming Jews.  Genetic research is available on the internet and anyone can study it. 

They didn't convert to Judaism for any religious reasons.   They were "sandwiched" between Islam and the Byzantine Christianity and they chose Judaism.  These European Jews of the Khazar tribe had no racial or biologcal connections with Bani Israel of the Middle East. 

The European Jews multiplied so much that today 90% of the world's Jewish population comprises of them.  They far outnumber the Sematic Jews by 9:1 or 10:1.   You will see that these European Jews far exceed others in all fields.  For example,  Nobel Prizes,science, literature, etc. these people are ahead of the rest of mankind in their academic achievements and scientific research.  They are a people different from the rest of mankind. 

Then you will find that these Khazars who became Jews also chose to become Christians.  So, you find the Khazars infiltrating the camp of Judaism and infiltrating the camp of Christianity as well.  From the ranks of these Khazar Jews and Khazar Christians the emergence of the Jewish-Christian alliance can be traced.  It is this Khazar Jewish/Christian alliance that gives birth to the Zionist movement.  Zionism has absolutely nothing to do with Bani Israel in history as mentioned in the Quran.   It is an essentially and exclusively European achievement. 

Going back further into history, it was these Khazar Jews and Christians who built their empire which was the most powerful one in Europe.  Simultaneously when the armies of Islam had defeated the two superpowers of the world at that time - the Persian and Byzantine Empires - and had emerged the most powerful military force in the world, it could not defeat them (the Khazars).  From that perspective it would be quite correct to say that the Khazars demonstrated a military power unequal at that time. 

These Khazars then spread out to Eastern Europe, to Russia and eventually across the sea to the United States.  They are at the heart of the revolutions that took place in Europe - the Bolshevik revolution, the French revolution, etc.   And it's these people who are at the heart of the ideology of Zionism.  It is these Khazar Jews and Khazar Christians who now hold and occupy the Holy Land assisted by a strange and mysterious "Jewish Holocaust," the true history of which will be revealed on Judgment Day.

 This mysterious history has helped to create an exodus of these European Khazar Jews to the Holy Land.   When the state of Israel came to being, who controlled power in Israel?  Not the oriental darker skinned Jews .. no.  They are second class citizens.  The ones who control power in Israel are the European Khazar Jews.


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"The old will die and the young will forget"

"The old will die and the young will forget"
David Ben-Gurion, the founder of Israel, in 1949

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