Archbishop Theodosios (Atallah) Hanna: Israel seeks to control the Middle East.

I originally posted this back in 2013, this is a revisit as I often do. I don't let time erase history, contrary to how "Israelis" think they could cloak themselves in darkness forever until Palestine was long forgotten or just not an issue anymore.  That didn't happen.  

(Occupied Jerusalem)  – Archbishop Theodosios ( Atallah) Hanna of Sebastia, Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem affirmed in a new statement that all those people who bear arms against the Syrian people and  the  Army are only tools who serve the Israeli project , their aim is to divide and control the Arab states in the Middle East.

Archbishop Theodosios (Atallah) Hanna also said that it does not matter who these people are, and what are the names and affiliations of those, who bear weapons against the Syrian Army and the Syrian people, they all are just mere pawns that serve Israel and its plan to divide and conquer the control above the Arab region.

The new interview with the Archbishop Theodosios (Atallah), was broadcasted by the al-Mayaaden television station yesterday. In this interview, the well known Archbishop also stated that all the people on Syrian soil who murder, abduct, and slaughter between its borders are “the enemies of the Arab nation”. Archbishop Theodosios added that these people would be just like the Israeli regime with which they share the aims as well as the criminal nature.

Archbishop Theodosios, also stressed in this new interview by al-Mayaaden TV that the violence and terrorism against the Syrian people and the Syrian nation has nothing to do with just demands for reforms from the Syrian government , but that the violence and terrorism merely seeks to destroy the secular state of Syria.

The Archbishop also warned about a foreign attack or military intervention in Syria and stated further that the true national opposition of Syria is the one who “that commits to its country’s principles and flies its flag”, and not “the flag of the French mandate.” In the opinion of the, Archbishop Theodosios ( Atallah) Hanna, any true national opposition does not receive orders by foreign powers.

The Archbishop also warned that some granting of visas by Western governments into the hands of displaced Syrian Christians in Lebanon under humanitarian pretexts would be another part of the plan by the Israeli regime in order to drive the Christians out of the Middle East.

Archbishop Theodosios appealed to all Arab Christians that, whether they are living in Syria or in another Arab state, they should stay in their country and defend their Arab state alongside their Muslim brothers and sisters at the end of the interview by al-Mayaadin TV.


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"The old will die and the young will forget"

"The old will die and the young will forget"
David Ben-Gurion, the founder of Israel, in 1949

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