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Israel's Plan to Rise as the Ruling State of the World

Sheikh Imran Hosein (watch the video clip at the bottom):
"We meet at a very dangerous moment in our history, and in the history of the world. To address you on the subject of implications of a Zionist israeli attack on Iran, which now appears to be not only fairly certain, but also just around the corner.

We see that israel wants to attack Iran because israel ultimately wants to rule the world, because the Zionists wants to rule the world, because the Judaism – Christian – Zionist - European alliance wants to deliver  to the state of israel, the status of the ruling state of the world.

That’s why we believe all these wars are taking place, and so this is why they want to attack Iran. You (israel) have the right to wage war against the people, unjustly, and so an attack on Iran would be unjust war… but I want to say something more, to those who are beating the drums of war in the Arab world, and who are looking forward to the attack on Iran, that you are beating the drums of an unjust war. 

And when the attack takes place, you will be committing the same sin as supporters of the war as those who are themselves ‘culpritrating’ the war, and Shame On You, shame on you I say to you straight to your faces from here in Malaysia, that if you support the attack on Iran, you are supporting unjust war, you are yourselves a party of unjust, and God does not provide guidance to the people who are committing unjust.

One of the reasons why many Arabs, not all Arabs, but many Arabs are beating the drums of war, looking forward for an attack on Iran and because Iran is Shia, the Arabs view that Shia are Kuffar (infidels), and hence it’s permissible to launch a war on the Kuffar... How can you come to this conclusion that the Shia are Kuffar? If the Shia are Kuffar, there must be some consensus on that subject. That consensus has never been achieved, in 1400 years, as a consequence, we say it’s too late in the day now for you to come with any manufactured arguments declaring the Shia to be Kuffar.. 

The drums are beating against the Shia, and the attack which is about to be launched on Iran is located in a larger framework, and these lords who are waging the war on Islam are seeking to do something that will function as a catalyst for creating Sunni- Shia civil war in the world of Islam.
Sunni – Shia civil war will be something that will be massively beneficial for israel:

1. Sunni – Shia civil war will make Islam look negatively, and have a negative image in the world, at the moment when Islam is center stage in the attention of the whole world.

2. Sunni – Shia civil war in Islam, Sunni vs. Shia will function as a diversion, diverting attention of both Muslim and non-Muslim attention from the plans of the Zionists, to rule the world.

3. Muslims fighting against themselves will obviously lead to a loss of power, our power will decrease, and that will be strategically advantageous for israel.

War on Iran obviously will going to impact on the world of economy:

On the price of oil, not only because Iran is a major supplier of oil but also because Iran is located in that basin that the Iranians call the Persian Gulf and the Arabs call the Arab Gulf and they’re still fighting over the words. The price of oil is going to shoot up because Iran can also block the strait of Hormuz, there’s Iranian territories on this side and Oman on that side, and it’s not difficult for Iran to block the strait of Hormuz and disrupt the passage of oil tankers, so we can anticipate fairly confidently that the price of oil is going to escalate dramatically once the attack takes place, and the American government knows that, and that’s why the American government does not want Iran to be attacked, because the American government knows and the Federal Reserves knows, and the bankers also know that the US Dollar is going to collapse, it will not survive an israeli attack on Iran with the price of oil shooting up through the roof. 

And if the US Dollar collapses of course they’ll have to demonetize the US Dollar, it will no longer be legal tender, they have to have something in place, they probably already have something to replace it, but at a fraction of its previous value; the American economy is going to collapse, large numbers of white Americans will going to lose their wealth, and many going to be listening to this lecture. There’s going to be chaos in the United States when the economy collapses, there’s going to be riots in the United States and they’re already anticipating that. 

And so an attack on Iran will lead to economic, financial, and monetary consequences that will be disastrous for the USA. An attack on Iran can be launched simultaneously with an attack on Pakistan. The purpose would be to eliminate Pakistan from the nuclear club, and it is time for Muslims around the world to recognize including Muslims in Iran that israel’s most strategic partner, most strategic ally in the world today after the United States is India with Saudi Arabia neck on neck behind India. And so not only must India be involved in the attack, but also when the attack takes place on Pakistan and if it succeeds, than in the sequel it is India who must now control the region on israel’s behalf.

And the denuclearization of Pakistan and the breakup of Pakistan into bits and pieces will impact upon Muslims in the whole of that subcontinent in such a way to bring about a state of demoralization and despair. 
And send shock waves to Muslims in the rest of the world. The one of the largest Muslim communities around the world in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are now under the commander at the foot of Hindu-India. So India will rule the entire South Asia with NATO in control in Afghanistan.

And now what are the consequences of such attack on the United States of America?

israel will attack Iran in order to commence wars that she hopes will follow one after the other. As soon as israel attacks Iran, the first implication is that Iran is going to attack Iraq (US bases), and Iran is strategically poised, advantageously poised to attack the United States in Iraq, and that Iran is also likely to attack Bahrain and it should not be difficult to Iran to take Bahrain. Bahrain cannot stand up to an attack by Iran. Bahrain is just across the water from Iran. 

I am suggesting to you that Iran is going to attack and take Bahrain, and if and when Iran attacks and takes Bahrain, then there’s a crossway between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia where you can drive by your car, the road will be clear to Saudi Arabia. I am anticipating and the Saudis probably have their plans laid out very well because they know what’s going to happen and israel already knows what’s going to happen, then they’ll (Saudi) will turn back to the United States to invoke whatever secret agreements they have of defense that the United States will have to intervene in Saudi Arabia to protect Saudi Arabia from an attack from Iran.

 I think that the Zionist in the US Congress will ensure, even though the US Armed forces would not want to go in there, even though the Barak Administration would not want to go into Saudi Arabia, the Zionists in the US Congress will ensure that the American forces will have to enter into Saudi Arabia to face Iran. They’re (the israelis) setting a trap for the United States, so that the United States is going to be led to a situation where it’s going to be facing defeat.

I think that for Russia and for China an israeli attack on Iran, particularly if it involves the use of nuclear weapons, would be recognized as a threshold being crossed. And so long that you did not cross that threshold, Russia and China were prepared to go on and continue in the Security Council of the United Nations for example, cooperating and collaborating where possible, in managing the affairs of the world. But once you cross that threshold, the implications for Russia and China is it that you’ve crossed the point of no return. And that the attack on Iran is now going to inevitably lead to world war.

That after Iran and after Pakistan and after the Arabs, the Zionists are going to turn on China and Russia, to make sure that China and Russia also bend down on their knees and accept israel so that israel can become the ruling state of the world. So Russia and China would know today it’s them, tomorrow it’s us. And they’re not going to wait until tomorrow to recognize that. The minute Iran is attacked, they will recognize that the threshold has been crossed, and they will now be moving inevitably towards a nuclear war. Russia and China acted strangely on Libya, do you remember?

 When the vote came to the Security Council they abstained, knowing full well that if they abstained the resolution will be carried and that’s the end of Gaddafi and the end of the Libyan government. Why did they do that? I think that perhaps they knew what the plan was and they wanted to let the western world (NATO) to sink deeper and deeper into a quagmire, you know like shifting sands you can’t get out? So eventually they will end up in the graveyard and only then will Russia and China attack them.

How are Russia and China responding to Syria at the moment? How will Russia and China respond to an attack on Iran and on Pakistan?

My understanding is that Russia and China are going to be quite different in the way they have behaved so far in international affairs, quite different once the attack on Iran takes place, and so we will be heading ultimately towards world war."

May God Save Humanity, Amen. democratic-syria

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On May 15, 1948 Rothschild Jewish militias launched a massive attack on the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine to ethnically cleanse them from their land in order to establish Israel as their Jewish state. This lead more than 750,000 Palestinians to flee their homes and become displaces as refugees in the neighboring countries. Most of the families that fled did not even have time to pack their belonging or anything in fear of being massacred by the vicious Jewish militias who went through villages massacring its inhabitants who refused to leave, most of whom were poor villagers and unarmed farmers. “We must do everything to insure they never return. The old will die and the young will forget” David Ben-Gurion – First Prime Minister of Israel, 1949.

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“For the Mandates Commission, Palestine had never ceased to constitute a separate entity. It was one of those territories which, under the terms of the Covenant, might be regarded as “provisionally independent”. The country was administered under an A mandate by the United Kingdom, subject to certain conditions and particularly to the condition appearing in Article 5: “The Mandatory shall be responsible for seeing that no Palestine territory shall be . . . in any way placed under the control of the Government of any foreign Power”. […] Palestine, as the mandate clearly showed, was a subject under international law. While she could not conclude international conventions, the mandatory Power, until further notice, concluded them on her behalf, in virtue of Article 19 of the mandate. The mandate, in Article 7, obliged the Mandatory to enact a nationality law, which again showed that the Palestinians formed a nation, and that Palestine was a State, though provisionally under guardianship. It was, moreover, unnecessary to labour the point; there was no doubt whatever that Palestine was a separate political entity.” DocumentLink

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