Anti-Semitism is a trick? Oh Dear!

Today's meagre population of those so-called 'Jews' both of Israelite and Gentile origin, is astonishingly less than 14 million worldwide. Compare that with a world population of 7 billion and the prophetic statement of Hosea that "the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured nor numbered".
By Biblicism Institute

Arabs of the Middle East, which include cultural Arabs such as Chaldeans, Akkadians, Assyrians, Aramaics, Phoenicians and Syriacs, are the only living bloodline descendants of Abraham and the only true Semites, not converted Jews (i.e., not converted Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Samaritans, Africans, Europeans, Indians, etc.).

Why non-Semitic Zionist Jews would use the term Semite to describe themselves is intriguing to say the least. However, upon close scrutiny the truth reveals itself.
They must pretend to be the  Chosen Semitic Hebrews of the bible – the real Hebrews are all dead – in order to steal the land of Palestine and treat the Palestinians as Untermensch.
Miko Peled
Miko Peled, son of an Israeli General

When facing criticism and condemnation for their barbaric policies against their Palestinian victims, their tactic is to hurl the accusation of anti-semitism in order to cower their opposition into submission. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt that said accusation also camouflages their non-Hebraic non-Semitic ancestry by making them appear to be Semites when they’re actually not.
“It’s a trick, we always use it,” admitted Israeli Minister Shulamit Olani.
Are there those who hate Jews?
Of course.
Just like there are those who hate Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, etc. There will always be bigots as long as there are humans on this planet.
Racist Israeli Jew
A Racist Israeli Jew

The Jewish Marxist Bolsheviks who took over the Russian government in the 1910s killed 66 million Christians, 200,000 members of the Christian clergy and destroyed 40,000 churches according to famed Christian Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
Now that’s hate! And a real Holocaust!

Yet compared to the Jewish Holocaust we don’t get brainwashed with it day in and day out. There’s no school curriculum about it and there are no laws against those who deny its accuracy. No Christian Holocaust Memorial has been built in Washington DC for these victims and Jews are not labeled Christian-Haters.

So why don’t we Christians do like the Jews? Implement a similar Holocaust propaganda campaign and cry wolf every time we get a chance?
There are two reasons why we won’t do so.

1) The only death worth commemorating is the death of our Savior Jesus Christ who defeated death by rising from the dead. Actually by memorializing His death we are really celebrating His resurrection. Therefore there’s no point in solemnizing or even worshiping death since it’s already vanquished.
2) The only way to eradicate bigotry is with love.

Note on the margin: We added a section for all those interested in Judaica. It contains the following:
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"The old will die and the young will forget"

"The old will die and the young will forget"
David Ben-Gurion, the founder of Israel, in 1949

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