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Stop the “Jewish National Fund” from stealing Palestinian land

The JNF-KKL has inflicted grave harm on the natural environment in Palestine by its manner of planting, by its use of hazardous chemicals and by planting trees that are not native to the land. Over time, extensive planting of pine trees by the JNF- KKL has killed off much of the native habitat in addition to causing massive forest fires. In 1950 the JNF-KKL drained Lake Hula in the interests of agricultural development.

 On-going displacement of indigenous Palestinians from their land, theft of their property, funding of historic and present day colonies, and destruction of the natural environment. WHY STOP THE JNF?Created in 1901 to acquire land for a Jewish State in Palestine, the JNF-KKL is most commonly known for its campaign to ‘plant a tree in Israel’ in order to ‘make the desert bloom.’
 However, the trees are not planted in a barren desert empty of inhabitants that Jewish people have come to populate and make flourish. Lands were, and still are, obtained from their Palestinian inhabitants through exploitative land sales, forced removal or other apartheid State policies. By the time of the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, approximately two-thirds of the Palestinian population had been forcibly removed from their homeland.

 In addition to funding colonies, the JNF- KKL planted and built forests, parks and recreational facilities on the ruins of hundreds destroyed and depopulated Palestinian villages. These forestation projects served two purposes: to hide the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and to prevent the Palestinian refugees from returning to their homes. These practices are still underway today.

By erasing the traces of Palestinian homes and villages, the JNF-KKL green-washes the history of the colonial settlement of Palestine and covers up its on-going displacement of Palestinians from their land and property. The JNF-KKL owns 13% of the land in the state of Israel. Since 1953 the JNF-KKL has operated as a part of the State. As a para- statal organization, the JNF- KKL appoints nearly half of the board of the Israel Land Authority (ILA).

The ILA then manages both the JNF-KKL’s 13% and an additional 80% of all land in the State of Israel. The JNF- KKL and the State of Israel therefore control 93% of total land in the State. The JNF-KKL Practices Racial Discrimination
Enduring Roots: Over a Century of Resistance to the Jewish National Fund (Official Trailer) from Intl Jewish Anti-Zionist Network on Vimeo.

In the name of environmentalism, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) plants trees and builds parks on Palestinian land. Over the past 113 years, the strategies of the JNF to acquire land in historic Palestine have changed, but its goals remain the same.

This 40-minute documentary chronicles stories of al-Nakba survivors, interviews with their descendants about the case of refugee return, and current and growing resistance to the ongoing colonization of Palestine by the Jewish National Fund.
The activities of the JNF-KKL are based on its discriminatory founding mission and constitution: the removal of indigenous Palestinians from their land and property to hold land in Palestine in exclusive reserve for settlement and use by Jews.

 The JNF-KKL’s constitution explicitly states that JNF-KKL land and property is not to be rented, leased, sold, or worked by non-Jews. The JNF-KKL destroys natural environments and ways of life The State of Israel and the JNF-KKL destroy the natural habitat and way of life of the indigenous Palestinian people who have lived there for thousands of years. The JNF-KKL has historically not been concerned about the environment at all – instead focusing on forestation and claiming land exclusively for Jews.

 The JNF-KKL has thus inflicted grave harm on the natural environment in Palestine by its manner of planting, by its use of hazardous chemicals and by planting trees that are not native to the land. Over time, extensive planting of pine trees by the JNF- KKL has killed off much of the native habitat in addition to causing massive forest fires. In 1950 the JNF-KKL drained Lake Hula in the interests of agricultural development.

Once rich with diverse animal and plant life, today the area is a barren desert devoid of life. “The JNF is not the trustee of the general public in Israel. Its loyalty is given to the Jewish people in the Diaspora and in the state of Israel… The JNF, in relation to being an owner of land, is not a public body that works for the benefit of all citizens of the state.

 The loyalty of the JNF is given to the Jewish people and only to them is the JNF obligated. The JNF, as the owner of the JNF land, does not have a duty to practice equality towards all citizens of the state.” —Response by the JNF to a petition filed with the Supreme Court of Israel (December 2004) WHAT IS THE JNF DOING TODAY? Today, the JNF-KKL’s projects of displacement and forestation of stolen land continue, particularly in the Naqab (Negev), in the south of the State of Israel, and the Jordan Valley (deep in the West Bank).

 A current initiative of the JNF-KKL is a 10-year, US$600 million plan ‘to revitalize, develop and preserve the Negev desert.’ In these areas, “development” projects in which the JNF-KKL plays a central role, continue to forcibly displace Palestinian citizens of Israel to make way for exclusively Jewish settlements and JNF parks and forests. The JNF-KKL demolishes Bedouin villages Al Arakib is an unrecognized Bedouin village in the southern desert region of Israel which has been demolished a total of 16 times between July 27, 2010 and February 10, 2011.

The Israeli government is intent on permanently clearing away the village of 300 people who are mostly women and children to make way for the Ambassadors Forest being developed by the Jewish National Fund (JNF). After each demolition the residents rebuild. The following 2-minute video clip shows, for the first time, bulldozers of the JNF have been directly involved in the demolitions.

(KKL-JNF bulldozer destroys a tent in Al-Arakib — Uploaded by CoexistenceForum Feb 13, 2011) Israeli forces have razed the Bedouin Village of Al Arakib 5 times since July leaving more than 300 homeless. Gallo/Getty Al-Araqib is one of the long- standing villages in the Naqab that is currently being “developed.” Large police and military forces protect JNF- KKL demolition tractors and trucks and guard JNF-KKL workers.

 Residents have now been removed 20 times; some have moved to a nearby town; others continue returning to rebuild their demolished homes and refusing to relinquish their land. Theft of water in Jordan Valley In the Jordan Valley, deep in the West Bank, the JNF-KKL is central to fulfilling Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu’s public commitment to maintain control of the Valley.

This promise has meant home demolitions, the theft of water sources, increased military control and destruction of agricultural land and olive groves. nce again the JNF-KKL is partnering with the State of Israel in securing and covering up stolen land and ethnic cleansing – planting parks and building monuments on Palestinian land and property. The Jordan Valley Meeting Point project JNF-KKL sign openly states that the site is a part of their “Land reclamation” project.

The JNF-KKL continues to serve as a global fundraiser for Israeli ethnic cleansing, occupation and apartheid. Each year, the JNF-KKL raises over US$60 million in the United States alone. Despite its role in a State institution of Israel (the Israel Land Authority) and in institutionalized racism and apartheid, the JNF-KKL and its affiliate organizations enjoy charitable status in over 50 countries and many also enjoy consultative status with the United Nations.

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On May 15, 1948 Rothschild Jewish militias launched a massive attack on the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine to ethnically cleanse them from their land in order to establish Israel as their Jewish state. This lead more than 750,000 Palestinians to flee their homes and become displaces as refugees in the neighboring countries. Most of the families that fled did not even have time to pack their belonging or anything in fear of being massacred by the vicious Jewish militias who went through villages massacring its inhabitants who refused to leave, most of whom were poor villagers and unarmed farmers. “We must do everything to insure they never return. The old will die and the young will forget” David Ben-Gurion – First Prime Minister of Israel, 1949.

Zionist Identity Thieves

“For the Mandates Commission, Palestine had never ceased to constitute a separate entity. It was one of those territories which, under the terms of the Covenant, might be regarded as “provisionally independent”. The country was administered under an A mandate by the United Kingdom, subject to certain conditions and particularly to the condition appearing in Article 5: “The Mandatory shall be responsible for seeing that no Palestine territory shall be . . . in any way placed under the control of the Government of any foreign Power”. […] Palestine, as the mandate clearly showed, was a subject under international law. While she could not conclude international conventions, the mandatory Power, until further notice, concluded them on her behalf, in virtue of Article 19 of the mandate. The mandate, in Article 7, obliged the Mandatory to enact a nationality law, which again showed that the Palestinians formed a nation, and that Palestine was a State, though provisionally under guardianship. It was, moreover, unnecessary to labour the point; there was no doubt whatever that Palestine was a separate political entity.” DocumentLink

The Rothschild's Jews stole the identity of Judaism and then the identity of Palestine.

Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem (1867-1948)
"We wish to express our definite opposition to a Jewish state in any part of Palestine."

Contrary to the Hasbara, Palestine has existed far longer than any Jewish kingdom or Jewish State. By denying the existence of Palestine and the Palestinian people, the longer history of Jewish existence in the region, as Palestinian Jews, is being denied.


Zeev Jabotinsky.jpg
"There can be no kind of discussion of a voluntary reconciliation between us and the Arabs.... Any native people ... view their country as their national home.... They will not voluntarily allow, not only a new master, but even a new partner.... Colonization can have only one goal. For the Palestinian Arabs this goal is inadmissible. This is in the nature of things. To change that nature is impossible . . . colonization can, therefore, continue and develop only under the protection of a force independent of the local population-an iron wall which the native population cannot break through. This is, in total, our policy towards the Arabs. To formulate it any other way would only be hypocrisy."--Vladimir Jabotinsky --(18 October 1880 – 4 August 1940), was a Revisionist Zionist leader, author,orator,and founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization in Odessa. With Joseph Trumpeldor he co-founded the Jewish Legion of the British army in World War I and later established several Jewish organizations, including Beitar, haTzohar and the Irgun (terrorist group).
The Hebrew word for Bramble is Atad אטד which is called in Arabic Gharqad:
Hidden, difficult to penetrate.