The Gharqad Tree

There will be a nation that will approve the aggression of Jews, that will support and protect them and that will fight for them. That nation was described as “gharqad tree.” 

Prophet Muhammad said in a hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari, Muslim and al-Tirmidhi says: "There can be no Resurrection until Muslims will fight the Jews. Muslims will fight (kill) the Jews and they will hide rocks and trees. (At that time) Stone and the tree will be heard" O Muslims! O servants of Allah! there Jew behind me, come kill him ', except GHARQAD TREE (not speak), indeed it is a Jewish tree ". (No. 7523, narrated by Muslim)

This Hadith tells us about the end-time events during almost Resurrection. At this time the Jewish army led by the Antichrist will war with Islam. In this battle, the Muslims will be able to kill and beat the Jews even when they hide behind any stone and trees to save themselves, then with God's permission tree and stone will tell the Muslims about Jews who take refuge in it. However, a tree will stay quiet and in cahoots with the Jewish tree named Gharqad.

At this point, the Jews are being widely planted Gharqad on Illegal State of Israel as a preparation for the Muslims in the end days. This also means that the Jews actually do know and are aware of the truth of Islam and the Prophet's Hadith truth.

The talking of the stone and tree in the hadith is a metaphor for the common conscience, that is, the common voice of the people of the world.  

 Thus, the public opinion of the world  will not approve of Jews. However, there will be a nation that will approve the aggression of Jews, that will support and protect them and that will fight for them. That nation was described as “gharqad tree” by our Prophet (pbuh), who sees the future clearly.

The Messenger of Allah informed miraculously that the cities of Basra and Baghdad, which had not been established at that time, would be established and that Muslim people would live there. As a matter of fact, Badiuzzaman also mentioned that hadith.9

Gharqad tree is a tree Boxthorn African, from the family Solanaceae. It is a thorny tree trunks and that thread. Categorized as toxic, and fruits such as tomatoes, but small and only 1 cm diameter only. Her light green colored leaves. The flowers are small and white with purple patches.
Awsaj but his Arab name is more popular with Gharqad name among the Arabs.

In JewishNational Fund website, there is information which the Israeli government to provide a special fund for tree planting. Special national fund aims to green the earth and the main purpose is to find land for the Jewish tribes lived.

The site also stated that they have completed planting of 220 million trees and other projects. Gharqad tree planting is one of the earth's greening campaign agenda and campaign reverberated around the world to obscure their agenda in Palestine.
Government Campaign of Israel "Greening Project Earth"

In 2005, Israel has built a wall in an area that appears clear is not the territory. (If we confess it is no region). Wall with a height of 8 meters tall, twice the height of the Berlin Wall and along the 730 km. It separates the Palestinian population 90.000 42.000 divided West and East the inner person. Over half a million Muslims have suffered severely as a result of this wall.

With the construction of the illegal wall, it is clear Israel has repeated the history of Nazi atrocities during the third world war. When the Jews confined in the Ghetto. Ghetto is an area in which the Jewish people and their movements controlled confinement before being murdered.

Separation wall built by Israel's Zionist terrorist-cost very large and never announced cost. The cost of damage repair along one mile only, costing $ 4.7 million. But Jews destined for such a fate has been told by the Prophet. Perhaps this brick wall which is intended by the Prophet in the Hadith is the stone walls Israel - Palestine now?
"They will not fight against you all together except in villages stretching or behind walls" (al-HASHR: 14)

Muslims believe should not be apprehensive to wall and tree Gharqad because its existence is a sign of the arrival time of the destruction of the Jews. Migration of Jews from around the world to the land of Palestine was very welcome although it demands enormous sacrifices. Believe and confident of God's promise, Jewish moments approaching destruction.


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