Jew-Clan Rothschild Party Featured Murdered White Babies at Dinner Table

Scary people! Demons.

Rothschild-prom 12 December 1972
Although Jewish banker family gatherings usually occur under extreme secrecy,  photographs from this dance were uncovered online earlier this year, more than 40 years after it was held. The pictures show a morbid event – including dining tables that had been decorated with white dolls with fractured skulls, stuffed turtles surrounded by insects, and more.
See the photos here:
Inbjudan till balen var skriven baklänges och fick läsas framför en spegel.
Chateau de Ferrieres was lit in red to make it appear as if it was burning. Scenes from the Jewish director and pedophile Roman Polanski’s film about Satan, “The Ninth Gate”, was filmed there. In the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”, the occult ritual is recorded in another Rothschild mansion, Mentmore Towers in the UK.
Deltagarna i balen bar även olika typer av surrealistiska masker. Här syns en gäst bärandes en mask med flera ansikten och fastklistrade insekter.
The participants in the ball wore various types of surrealist masks. Here is a guest wearing a mask with multiple faces and glued insects.
Värden Guy de Rothschild och värdinnan Marie-Hélène de Rothschild möter upp gästerna.
The host ​​Guy de Rothschild and the hostess Marie-Hélène de Rothschild meets the guests.
Värdinnan välkomnar.
The hostess welcomes.
Salvador Dali poserar framför sitt porträtt av Mae West.
Salvador Dali poses in front of his portrait of Mae West.
Ytterligare två gäster.
More guests.
Ytterligare gäster.
More guests.
Ytterligare gäster.
More guests.
    Den judiska familjen hade inför balen dekorerat ett av matborden med en mörk figur omgiven av verklighetstrogna dockor föreställandes vita spädbarn med spräckta skallar och saknade lemmar.
Before the prom, the Jewish family had decorated one of the tables with a dark figure surrounded by lifelike dolls representing White infants with fractured skulls and missing limbs.
På ett bord låg en vit naken skyltdocka, som för en begravning omgiven av rosor.
On a table lay a white naked mannequin, which was surrounded by roses as if for a funeral.
På ett annat bord fanns dekor av uppstoppade sköldpaddor omgivna av insekter.
Another table was decorated with stuffed turtles surrounded by insects.
Ytterligare gäster.
More guests.
Ytterligare gäster.
More guests.
Marie-Hélène de Rothschild till vänster.
Marie-Hélène de Rothschild to the left.
En del kvinnliga gäster var utklädda till fågelburar.
Some female guests were dressed as bird-cages.
Ytterligare en i fågelbur.
Audrey Hepburn in a bird-cage. – The Rothschild party 1972 Rothschilds partied – with murdered White babies on the dinner tables

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