Israel veteren soldier opens up of killing unarmed Palestine civilians

Israelis continue to fake whatever it takes to prove that the "war on terror," i.e. the war on Arabs has to continue. Listen to them more carefully, folks. The Zionists in our midst have been telling us the truth all along. Just replace "Arab" with "Israeli," replace "Al-Qaeda" with "Mossad," etc. Seymour Hersh- 'How Israel Created The Myth of Al-Qaeda'  

Here's how we can decipher this new "wave of terror" in Israel. The Palestinian "Knife attacks" are fabricated.  Former Israeli soldier with PTSD following combat in Gaza, speaks before the Israeli State Control Committee, on November 2015.

 In his Testimony, he admits to killing over 40 Palestinians; “I killed for you, with these hands. You say terrorists with blood on their hands? I killed more than 40 people for you. .. “[At night] he comes to me and says, ‘Why did you kill me?'
 Since 2000, the Zionist regime has carried nine military operations against Gaza with some fancy code-names including Operation Rainbow, Operation Days of Penitence, Operation First Rain, Operation Lighting Strike, Operation Summer Rains, Operation Hot Winter, Operation Cast Lead, Operation Pillar of Defense, and Operation Protective Edge, now the "New Wave of Terror".



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"The old will die and the young will forget"

"The old will die and the young will forget"
David Ben-Gurion, the founder of Israel, in 1949

Jerusalem is the capital. Palestine, currently under occupation, is located on the East coast of the Mediterranean Sea, West of Jordan and to the south of Lebanon. The territory of Palestine covers around 10,435 square miles.