Cuba/US Back to Square One

 Not a mystery to me who done it. Zionist Jews: "The Original Terrorists." Fidel's brother Raúl Castro  must be doing something wrong. US harbor many Cuban terrorists such as Israeli firster Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (read here)  the first Cuban-American elected to Congress and Marco Rubio worked in her office as an intern in the 1990s not to mention the Zionists inside Cuba's allegiance is to Israel. Rothschild's Israel has the nukes (9/11,Fukushima etc), Israel has the jets, Israel has the Sarin gas, Israel is behind every terror attack everywhere.
  • Cuba’s Anti-Israel, Pro-Palestinian Activities
  • A series of mysterious sonic attacks on US diplomatic personnel (and more than a few spies) working at Washington’s Havana embassy have provided ample justification for the White House to reverse the US-Cuba detente negotiated by the Obama administration. And in a gesture that - though it has no implications for policy - is considered symbolically important, the State Department said Thursday the US will defend America’s decades-old economic embargo on Cuba by voting against a UN resolution condemning it, the Associated Press reported.
    An Israeli flag hangs on the wall of the Jewish Community Center in Havana, Cuba, where two men are speaking. File photo from August 1, 2004. (photo credit: Serge Attal/Flash90)
    An Israeli flag hangs on the wall of the Jewish Community Center in Havana, Cuba
    The news comes after at least 24 embassy personnel were targeted by mysterious sonic attacks in Cuba, inspiring the administration last month to withdraw most of its employees from the island nation. While the US hasn’t determined the source of the attacks, the administration kicked out most of the diplomats at Cuba’s embassy in Washington and has accused the Cuban government of not doing enough to keep US citizens safe - though Cuban leader Raul Castro has vehemently condemned the attacks. Every year, the UN votes on a resolution condemning the embargo, and for years the US and Israel has predictably voted "no." But last year, the US abstained for the first time, as Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro moved forward with the historic warming of relations between the former Cold War foes.
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    A "no" vote from U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley on Wednesday will mark a return to formal support for the embargo, which Obama had unsuccessfully urged Congress to end. Although the Obama administration eased travel and commerce restrictions on Cuba and reauthorized direct commercial flights between the countries, the formal embargo remains in place. 2017-10-31


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