Get out of the hall… you occupiers! child killers! says Kuwaiti official to Israeli delegate

Kuwait probably just made history with the most straight-talking speech to come out of 60+ years of occupation

Israeli MP walked out of an international conference held in Russia after Kuwait's chief lawmaker slammed his comments on imprisoned Palestinian lawmakers on Wednesday.
“The saying ‘if you have no shame do as you please’ applies to the comments made by this rapist Israeli parliament,” National Assembly Speaker Marzouq al-Ghanim told lawmakers gathered at Inter-Parliamentary Union talks.
During a discussion about the state of Palestinian lawmakers arrested by Israeli authorities, Ghanim said this “represents the most dangerous types of terrorism - the terrorism of the state.”
“You should grab your bags and leave this hall as you have witnessed the reaction of every honorable parliament around the world,” he said, addressing the Israeli delegation.
“Leave now if you have one ounce of dignity, you occupier, you murderer of children,” he added.
The Israeli delegation left the talks following the remarks by Ghanim and several other parliamentarians.
Over the next 12 hours, video of al-Ghanim’s 45-second tirade was retweeted tens of thousands of times and received hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook.
“Al-Ghanim’s courageous words at the APU summit were indeed historic,” Istanbul-based Palestinian writer Said al-Hajj tweeted. “Real men always rise to the occasion; thank you, Marzouq al-Ghanim.”


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Incredible bravery!
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