Cameras to Monitor Palestinians installed at Al-Aqsa Mosque

I spent 5 days in occupied Jerusalem visiting Old City and the al-Haram ash-Sharif last summer. The Muslim guards made me recite a Quran verse every time I tried to enter because I am European/American looking. Once I recited my verse (as well as declaration of faith)  I was welcomed with open arms. One can feel the tension since recently there had been IDF aggressions and the place was stirred up.
While inside I watched as random groups of Jews were chased away by Muslims guarding the mosques itself. It's obvious that any non-Muslim has no reason to be there. Do you want to sit inside a synagogue if you're not of the Jewish faith? Why would anyone? So why must the Jews trample Muslim holy ground? Defilement of all that's beautiful, all that's holy to anyone on earth, because they are the anti-Christ.
Inside the Old City itself, the only disturbances I witnessed were arrogant IDF on motorcycles moving through Muslim crowds in the narrow passages. IDF wandered around questioning random people. They made me show my passport at least once a day. No Muslims ever did. I saw no Muslims with motorcycles intruding on the people walking. It was a show of arrogance. Armed IDF stations everywhere, even inside the al-Haram ash-Sharif. The Muslims themselves are just minding their own business, doing what they do. It's the armed to the teeth 'Jews' everywhere that is so noticeable, threatening, and out of place.

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This is intended to make it seem innocent because they are just walking. But only Muslims are allowed in the al-Haram ash-Sharif ("the Noble Sanctuary") as it is sacred ground. The Jews come in in packs with armed IDF. Would anyone appreciate this on their church grounds?

Israeli police have begun placing new cameras at the Council Gate of Al-Aqsa Mosque to monitor Palestinians’ entry and exit, Safa News Agency has reported.
Director of Al-Aqsa Academy for Science and Heritage Sheikh Najeh Bkeerat said that Israeli police “are placing the cameras to monitor the movement in and out of Al-Aqsa Mosque and to restrict the movement of Jerusalemites, mainly in the Old City”.
According to Safa, Israeli Interior Minister Gilad Erdan said he was preparing a security plan to prevent “Palestinian attacks” in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem

The plan includes tightening the security fence in Damascus Gate and the Old City by setting up inspection points similar to military checkpoints.

Bkeerat said: “It is clear that the occupation prepared this plan after the defeat of the Israeli police and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and after the Jerusalemites’ victory in the Al-Aqsa Battle,” in reference to Israel’s decision in July to remove electronic detectors it installed at the doors of the holy site after large protests.

Bkeerat said that the Israeli occupation started the implementation of its plan after expelling a number of Jerusalemites from the Old City and after tightening its security grip on the area by setting up military barriers and inspection points.

He described this move as a new “dangerous Israeli attack,” which will usher in “worse” measures. He noted that this is an “announcement of war on Al-Aqsa Mosque, to divide it and try to force Jerusalemites out of the Old City and from around the holy site”.


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