CIA Inspector General Report Exposes Torture as U.S. Policy What were they hiding?

And to think the whole war on terror is a neo-con-Zionist plot! How many have suffered by these murderous sadists?

 As was widely reported in the Israeli media, last week’s Senate report notes that the CIA used Israel as a precedent to justify its use of coercive interrogation tactics. The Jerusalem Post reports:

On November 26, 2001, soon after the September 11 attacks on the U.S., the CIA general counsel wrote that “the Israeli example” could serve as “a possible basis for arguing ... regarding terrorist detainees that ‘torture was necessary to prevent imminent, significant, physical harm to persons, where there is no other available means to prevent the harm.’ ” The internal memorandum also said that “states may be very unwilling to call the U.S. to task for torture when it resulted in saving thousands of lives.”

 Washington D.C., August 25, 2009 - Yesterday, the Obama administration released new portions of the report including considerably more information about the use of torture and other illegal practices by CIA interrogators than a version of the report declassified by the Bush administration in 2008. The report was first posted on the Web yesterday by the Washington Independent.
New revelations include:
  • Details on a number of “specific unauthorized or undocumented torture techniques” not mentioned in the 2008 release, including the use of guns, drills, threats, smoke, extreme cold, stress positions, “stiff brush and shackles,” mock executions and “hard takedown.” The Bush administration censured almost all portions of the document pertaining to specific torture techniques, save for a few references to waterboarding that omitted nearly all other contextual information.  
There is no limit to the opportunism of the Israeli establishment, "Is it good for Israelis?" seems to be the only measure - morals, ethics are just not in the picture. Even their closest allies in the U.S. are treated with contempt from time to time for instance the Israelis had intelligence relating to the truck bombing of U.S. personnel in Lebanon in 1983 but didn't pass it on.


That is, any attempt by Congress to interfere with a Presidential order
even if it crossed the line into torture
would be unconstitutional. And any interrogation
uld be legal unless it caused pain that was:

equivalent in intensity to the pain accompanying serious physical injury, such as
organ failure, impairment of bodily function, or even death.”
If you define torture as organ
damage, death or
almost death, then you can stand up and say that you don’t do torture. And I think that’s
what they were doing.

In secret White House meetings chaired by National Security Advisor
Condoleezza Rice, a committee of top offic
ials that included Vice President Cheney,
Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and CIA director George Tenet, reviewed

and approved

the specifics of harsh interrogations.
Many of the proposed techniques were based on the military’s secret “SERE” training
rvival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape”

for Americans at risk of capture by torture

Chief of Training, US Navy SERE (1997
The simulated
captivity is supposed to expose students to
well, it's a stock phrase that we
all, every
instructor memorizes: “A totalitarian evil nation with a complete disregard for human
rights and the Geneva Convention.”
Malcolm Nance is a 20
year veteran of the military intelligence
And if you c
an endure a “totalitarian evil nation with a complete
disregard for human rights and the Geneva Convention,” you can pretty much endure
My particular class was ambushed. We heard a lot of shooting
outside the truck, some
strange fellows with accents and strange uniforms with stars on
their caps pulled us out of the back of the truck, started slapping us around. And the
next thing I knew, we were in a prison camp.
Like Richard Armitage, SERE trainees are slappe
d, hooded, their sleep
disrupted. Under the constant watch of physicians and psychologists, they are stripped,
exposed to temperature extremes, sexually humiliated.
And some officers at the Navy’s SERE school were subjected
to what has been known
e the Spanish Inquisition as the “water torture.”
During World War II and Vietnam, it
was prosecuted by the U.S. as a war crime


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