The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship

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 Just when I thought I knew so much, here is a whole other layer of  the Israel onion..
Just some tidbit excerpts here of stuff I didn't know before. Israel is the gift that keeps on giving.

Most of the founding fathers of the country were born within 500 miles of the city of  Minsk. They came to Israel in the early years of this century, driven by the failure of the 1905 revolution in Russia.

 David Gruen renamed himself David Ben-Gurion, taking the name of one of the last ancient Jewish defenders of Jerusalem. An atheist who refused to attend a synagogue , he adopted Zionism as a religion.

[Like Milowski aka Benjamin Netanyahu renaming himself to connect to the land which none of them belong to. I liken that to me changing my name to an American native name claiming I am the true native of America, they being the imposters and interlopers!]

Israeli 'Wasps'  occupy roughly the same in Israeli society as their counterparts in the American social system. Israeli Wasps are not, of course, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. They are White Ashkenazis Sabras with Proteksia.

The Ashkenazi are the Jews from Eastern and central Europe.Proteksia means influence.

Wasps are snobbish, especially about what they consider to be the more vulgar manifestations of American Jewry.

Czechoslovakia became the main operational base for the extensive underground organization engaged in clandestine air transport of war material to Palestine. From this source came all the ww2 fighter planes, Messerschmitts and Spitfires, that were to form the nucleus of the Israeli airforce.
The collusion continued through 1948 and beyond with up to 2 planeloads of weapons a day being sent to Palestine. [there goes the myth of underdog David]

None of this effort in Eastern and central Europe would have been possible without the third essential requirement: money. Millions of dollars were needed to but the arms, transport the immigrants and pay the bribes, as well as care for the fighting force and administration in Israel itself.

Get the book, it's so worth reading!

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  1. where did the first "Jew" show up in the Old Testament

    was it Cain, Esau, "Bad Figs" of Judah...

    Solomon, calling forth demons and fornicating
    with STRANGE WOMEN...

    specifically, Why did Adoram get stoned, did
    he stumble on the concept of FILTHY LUCRE by





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