The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbullah off the hook

Under siege in West Beirut during the Israeli occupation

  US/Israeli stories about Hezbullah and drugs and surveillance of targets in the US are as unconvincing as the story or the car salesman in Texas who hired drug dealers from Mexico to kill the Saudi ambassador in DC while eating a Chinese meal. 
Look at this: "Hezbullah — in league with Iran — continues to undermine U.S. interests in Iraq, Syria and throughout wide swaths of Latin America and Africa".  Hezbullah is active in Latin American and Africa?  It is barely active in Arab countries outside of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. 
 Also, many of those stories assume that any Shi`ite who is involved in illegal trade must be a cover for Hezbullah operations when many of the names are often loyal to Amal Movement.  What makes those stories more suspicious is that not only they cite Israeli and Zionist sources exclusively, but they also only cite fanatic Zionists as experts on the stories.


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Jerusalem is the capital. Palestine, currently under occupation, is located on the East coast of the Mediterranean Sea, West of Jordan and to the south of Lebanon. The territory of Palestine covers around 10,435 square miles.

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