The World Conquerors

 This book was published in London in 1958, but it may have well been published yesterday. when one considers the unerring accuracy of the political subversion and undermining of national interests, described by its brilliant Hungarian author, Louis Marschalko, that has taken place here in America and Europe since the end of World War I.

"Mankind is now living under a menace the like of which has never been known before. World terror has indeed begun to march and the sinister shadow of world tyranny envelopes the globe."

Excerpts from  "The World Conquerors"

 Jewry has established a most dangerous state of affairs regarding civic rights and the laws of naturalization, especially since Israel came into being as a separate State. In the defeated States of Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, and Rumania, etc., Jews were promptly granted full citizenship, without satisfying any legal conditions at all.*

Jews in US army uniform showed the chief Constable a large German city photograph and said to him: "Look here, we understand that it was you who ordered the killing of nearly 20,000 Jews whos bodies can be seen in this photograph!" The photo showed a macabre sight, hecatombs of horribly distorted human bodies. But the chief Constable retorted curtly: "These are not Jewish bodies. These are the bodies of the inhabitants of this city killed in air raids. They are all Germans. By the way, I can prove that I myself ordered this picture to be taken when I was head of the police force."*

Many had never belonged to theses States and had absolutely no legal right to apply for citizenship. In the States behind the Iron Curtain only Jews received exit permits to enable them to emigrate to Israel. These same States were forced to take back these emigrant Jews if decided to return, either to avoid military service, or because they were not satisfied with conditions in the new Jewish State. There is a definite attempt in the American Immigration Acts, as well as (178) in the laws and regulations of several other nations, to establish supranational world citizenship for Jews.

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The genocide convention, though supported by Felix Frankfurter and Robert M. Kempner, the Jewish public prosecutor at Nuremberg, nevertheless encountered grave criticism. Certain clear-sighted people in American public life drew attention in public meetings to the fact that the genocide convention was not only tyrannous and treacherous but also constituted a sort of permanent war against the American people. Merwin K. Hart pointed out that, genocide convention or not, Palestine Zionists murdered all the men and women in the Arab village of Dair Yassin and got off scot-free without any charges being raised because they were Jews. He emphasised that once the genocide convention were enacted, "the slightest reference to a single member of a certain racial or religious minority would constitute a criminal act." James Finucane, a delegate of the National Council for the Prevention of War, said that: "Quebec, Yalta and Potsdam were racial murders under the American flag." 

The fact that the genocide convention was the work of the Morgenthau Group serves as the best proof that this Racial Murder Law was intended to be nothing else but an exclusive privilege for Jewry, as well as a means, approved by U.N.O., of exercising world terror. "A permanent war against the American people!" Agnes Wather described it. A permanent fight against spiritual freedom. A privilege, in the shadow of which Arabs, Frenchmen, Germans and Rumanians, etc., can be murdered with impunity. 

The genocide convention ~ not applied, of course, against leaders of countries behind the Iron Curtain which are run by the Jews ~ must be viewed against a sinister background of events showing how Jewry attempts to silence all dissenting opinion. It is generally known today that blacklists compiled by Jewry are lodged even (181) with so-called Gentile publishing houses. Thus no work can be published by an author "whose name is not good" from the point of view of Jewish nationalism. Anyone appearing in a film or play disliked by Jewry will never be able to appear again in any role, however talented an artist he or she may be.


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